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Author: James Patterson

Author: James Patterson

By: Dilan Mehta

You've probably heard of James Patterson.

He's an American author with TONS of books for kids and adults. Some of my personal favorites are Treasure Hunters, The Middle School series, Pottymouth and Stoopid, I Funny, and more! He's also written a lot of adult books, including the acclaimed Alex Cross series and the President Is Missing. He's probably more known for his adult books, but if you search up James Patterson kid books, there are tons of good reads!

He was born on March 22, 1947, and studied English at Manhattan college. He then landed a job at an advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson Co., but later left to focus on writing.

His first major book was a thriller and mystery called Along Came A Spider. After that, many more books followed. He won many awards. After learning his son did not like to read, he started making books for kids, tweens, teens, and young adults. His first book which was aimed at young adults was Maximum Ride.

Since then, many great books have come out. He lives in Florida with his family and had a big study where he writes.

Here is his website:

Check out some of his books!

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