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Heroes of Olympus: The Son Of Neptune

By: Devan Mehta

Book by: Rick Riordan

I like the book Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune. I like this book because it combines old myths and present things. I like this one particularly because it gives the Roman's perspective and how they prepare for the giant war and the evil Gaea. The first book is part one of the exchange between Jason and Pery. It’s how Jason loses his memory and goes from camp Jupiter to Camp Half-Blood. In this book Percy Jackon goes from the camp you're familiar with already, (Camp Half-Blood,) to the Roman camp, (Camp Jupiter). In this book, Percy goes on a quest to rescue the god of death, Thanatos. Let’s meet the characters of this book.

Percy Jackson was a great hero and helped save everybody when Kronos was reborn. But now he has no memory and it doesn’t fully come back until the end of the book. This means he doesn’t really have much of a personality and has to regrow one throughout the book, but he gets his good old personality at the end. He meets new friends called Hazel and Frank at Camp Jupiter. Hazel has a dark past and was killed, but later reborn, being the son of Pluto. This means that she experienced life in the nineteen-thirties. She really wants vengeance on Gaea for killing her mother. Frank is the big, clumsy one with a big heart. Right now he's pretty nice, but in the next book, I think he turns a little bit selfish because of Leo Valdez. Frank’s mother died and his only living family is his grandmother. This must make him very mad. Nico DiAngelo has been very odd and mysterious in past books, but this time he pretended he didn’t even know Percy when they met in Camp Jupiter so that Percy won't figure out the exchange. Once Nico tricked Percy into going to his father, Hades, he only did this so his father could tell him about his dead mother, Maria DiAngelo. So that’s one example of how he usually has mixed character traits. Reyna is another character in this story. She’s a praetor, two praetors run the camp. But since Jason was taken by Hera to Camp Half-Blood, now she’s the only one who runs the camp. I think without Jason, Reyna is lonely.

In short, this was a very good book. I rate it four out of five stars. I hope you enjoyed this review, and I’ll see you next time.

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