Little Kids: The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys is a hilarious, unconventional book by Australian author Aaron Blabey. In this book, The Big Bad Wolf, Mr. Wolf, is tired of always being bad and wants to be a hero. He invites a few friends to be part of his "Good Guys" club. They are: Snake, Pirhanna, and Shark. Each has committed several crimes and are known to the public as evil. At first, they are skeptical. All they want to do is eat things, and don't want to become good. But they agree to come with Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf and the gang drive in a super fancy car, looking for trouble to stop. They find a kitten in a tree and stop immediately. They try to get the kitten down but end up scaring it. They each take turns trying until Snake gets fed up with Piranha and swallows him. Mr. Wolf swings Snake around until Piranha launches out, and lands right on the kitten's lap. The kitten freaks out and jumps out of the tree. Mr. Wolf catches her, but she goes crazy and claws him. Then she runs away. Mr. Wolf thinks it is a success because they got her down, but the rest of them aren't so sure. But Mr. Wolf thinks they are ready for the first mission as good guys, so they decide to lead a jailbreak and free the dogs of the pound. Shark dresses up as a lady who has lost her dog, which leads the guard to unlock the cages. He signals the rest, and after several failed attempts, Mr. Wolf launches Snake and Piranha in through a tiny window. They lead the dogs to freedom, but the dogs are scared of them and aren't grateful. Nevertheless, the Bad Guys are all really excited that they finally did some good. This book will make little kids crack up!