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Summer Reads

Summer is around the corner! (Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking!) Here are some good books to read over the summer.

1. Shoe Dog Phil Knight Shoe Dog is a memoir by the creator of Nike, Phil Knight. It's a poetic biography of how Nike, the sneaker empire, was founded. Phil had the idea in business school to import Japanese running shoes to the US. Nike's first original name was Blue Ribbon, and it started in Phil's parent's basement. It was later changed to Nike, inspired from Phil's trip around the world, when he saw the temple of the goddess of victory, Nike, in Greece. The Japanese company Onitsuka was working with Phil until problems started sprouting up, and Nike left Onitsuka. This was a great book and shows how much effort Nike took to become a success. From working with his old track coach, Bill Bowerman, to develop a new, advanced sneaker design, to rebounding from numerous problems, and finding a family, Phil Knights' story is one for the ages! 2.Caveboy Dave Aaron Reynolds and Phil Mcandrew Caveboy Dave is a graphic novel about silly shenanigans in prehistoric times. Caveboy Dave's father invented the wheel, and his Grandfather invented fire. Caveboy Dave wants to follow in their footsteps and invent the one thing that everybody needs. Unfortunately, Dave's Baby-Go-Boom ritual is coming up. That means that Dave will have to become a contributing member of the village, and he and his friends are tossed into the wild, to hunt and capture one of the big six, who are beastly animals that produce the best meat. Along with his friends, Dave uses his survival instincts, creativity, and caveman antics to hunt down a beast and return home... or not return at all. This book is goofy and witty, and the fun illustrations give it a perfect touch! 3. Spy School Stuart Gibbs Ben Ripley, an average kid, finds out that he is eligible to go to a secret school to train to be a spy. The CIA has set up this academy, and Ben presumes that it will be fun, with classes on weapons and disguises. But shortly after he arrives on campus, he gets attacked! It's really hard to give a description without spoiling anything, but basically, an evil criminal organization called SPYDER has planted a bomb under the school. Ben and a couple of other kids try to find out what's going on, and he and Erica Hale, tired of the school's incompetency, investigate. Ben is put under surveillance and protection because apparently he is supposed to be a master codebreaker. But he has no such skills. What's going on? Whos behind all this? Is there a double agent in the school? Who's the bait? Why are the principal and Alexander so clueless? Will they ever serve good food in the cafeteria? Find out these questions and more, in this book full of international wars and secret espionage, full of hilarious humor.

That's basically it. Two other great books for summer are The Candymakers by Wendy Mass, and Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a fantastic future. Stay tuned for more posts! Bye!

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