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Teens: Artemis Fowl - Review and Summary/Plot Synopsis (CONTAINS SPOILERS!!)

By: Samvi Raj

If you don't want any spoilers of the book, please only read the review. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it!

- REVIEW - I would recommend this book to people who love action, mysteries, and sci-fi. It is a great book with lovable characters, and you can learn a lot from it. This book is for very advanced readers, for it has many tricky words and things in it, however, if you are an advanced reader and are looking for a new book, this is the book for you!

- SUMMARY/PLOT SYNOPSIS (very long) - In the book, “Artemis Fowl,” by Eoin Colfer, a 12-year-old boy’s father, Artemis Fowl senior, has gone missing, and Artemis wants to restore his family’s legacy by getting fairy gold. The first step of this criminal mastermind’s plan is going to a fairy to get The Book, the thing that all fairies have, that stores all of their knowledge and history. Artemis tricks a drunk fairy into giving him The Book for 30 minutes, only for Artemis to take photos of and print every page. When he goes home, he realizes that the language The Book is written in is very similar to Hieroglyphics, so he translates it. This gives him a loose translation of The Book. Meanwhile, the LEPrecon unit, the unit of fairies, encounters a problem. A troll is attacking a human city in Hamburg! So, they send in their test subject, the only girl in the group, Holly Short, to take care of it. She succeeds, however is seen by many humans, so she knocks them all out unconscious. She gets a message from her commander, Commander Root, that tells her that she’s done well and can perform the ritual, for she is running low on magic. When Holly goes out to perform the ritual, she is hit by a tranquilizer dart from Artemis and his bodyguard Butler. They kidnap her and take her to Fowl Manor. He holds her hostage and says to LEP that he will let Holly go if they give him the gold he wanted. So, Root sends officers to Fowl Manor, but they all get fended off by Butler. Then, Root asks a kleptomaniac dwarf named Mulch Diggums to go tunnel into the manor, and he does so. Foaly, Root’s techy assistant makes the security cameras on a loop so that Artemis won’t catch Mulch. Artemis realizes and sounds the alarm. Inside the manor, Holly short finds out that she kept an acorn inside of her pocket from the ritual, and finds a dirt spot in the ground. She performs the ritual and gets her magic back. As Much escapes, he encounters Butler but hits him with a rock. Mulch escapes by faking his death and pretending to have a cave-in while digging his way out. After this fail, a new officer named Cudgeon takes over the mission. He sends a troll to attack Fowl Manor and kill the Fowls. Meanwhile, Holly has used a mind-control called Mesmer on Juliet Butler, guarding her and making her unconscious. Holly encounters Artemis and punches him. Butler comes to Juliet and helps her up while she is in a trance. Moments later, the troll barges into the manor and almost kills Butler, however, Holly comes in the way and saves them, and even uses magic to heal Butler, who attacks the troll in a suit of armor, killing it. Back at Artemis, he connects to Root and root agrees to give Artemis the gold in exchange for Holly. However, Cudgeon comes in and wants the videotapes of the battle between the troll and Butler, but Root refuses and shoots him with his finger-gun he accidentally used. Back in Fowl Manor, Artemis makes a wish to Holly stating that he would give her half the gold if she returned his mom to normal. LEP officers come into the manor with the gold, but they drop a bio-bomb there, which will wipe out all life in the area. When the bio-bomb is about to go out, Artemis drugs Butler and Juliet, making them unconscious, which saved them from the bio-bomb. After that, the LEP officers go inside, but get sick due to the magic of Artemis still being alive. After the LEP officers leave with half of the gold, they know they’ve lost. In Fowl Manor, Artemis goes upstairs, to see his mom back to normal, reminding him that it is Christmas Day. So yeah, that was my summary and review, and I hope you enjoyed this post! :D

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